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Kangu Jumping Pad

KANGU is made of high quality fabric. The product helps with soothing and lulling babies, especially these ones who deal with colics’ problems. KANGU enables the swing move to be done properly without causing back injuries.

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It prevents from muscle strain and makes the activity of lulling an infant much easier and even more pleasant and relaxing.

The top cover of the product is made of a delicate, smooth velvet which main advantage is it’s stain- resistance. The product consists also of an anti-slip base which provides the safety usage.

Thanks to Kangu®, you can obtain an opportunity to sooth your baby quickly in a comfortable sitting position which exludes the possibility of putting the excess stress on your spine. Kangu®  is small-sized, light-weight and portable what makes the product usable in almost every possible place.

Technical details:

Product Dimensions: 42 x 38 x 17 cm
Item Weight: 2,5 kg

Case: 100% polyester Certyfikat OEKO-TEX Standard 100 / 100% polypropylene

How to use:

We suggest to do all the following steps in order to achieve the most favorable results- a sleeping baby.

  1. SWADDLE: Wrap the baby’s arms tightly around by using a blanket or a towel. It recreates the circumstances inside the mother’s womb.

  2. SAFE POSITION: Simply cuddle a baby in its side or stomach position. Hold its head. Make sure you hold it safely and still. It is a natural position for a child who spent its latest time in mother’s womb.

  3. SHUSH: Turn on the machine which emitates the engineered sounds (a hair dryer, a radio). It works due to the fact of similarity with the sounds that a baby was listening to all the time during its mother’s pregnancy.

    • Put a Kangu® on a flat, stable surface (a couch, a chair).
    • Sit on a Kangu® with a baby in your arms (stable position) and do the swing move by bouncing up and down in a dynamic way.
    Always remember to choose a safe place and support the baby’s head.
    Bouncing on a Kangu® imitates the child’s movements in mother’s womb. It soothes a baby and makes it feel safe and calm.

  5. SUCK: Provide baby with a nipple, a finger or a pacifier. Sucking calms a baby down by releasing the tension.
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