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mar 23, 2020

"It is very important to react to the crying of the child and not to leave the toddler alone"

For a baby every day is a new dose of information. Sometimes the amount of sensory influences rises up to the level that babies cannot manage to cope with. Nervous system is constantly stimulated and it causes the lack of time for regenaration. What can make a baby cry?

  • Lack of calmness. When a mother is restless so is the baby. An infant absorbs all the mother’s emotions and not only- the father’s also.
  • Too frequent visits of family, friends. Why? Too much new voices, smell, touch equates definitely too much stimulation.
  • Front carrying a baby. Not only in the baby carrier (although I hope you don’t use it).
  • Too much sounds coming out from the world around! TOO MUCH noise!

A baby needs more:
♥️ Cuddling, ♥️ Stroking, ♥️ Swinging, ♥️ MUM and DAD

In the photo with the pad from @kangu_jumping_pad what’s it all about? Sitting on a pad, cuddling your baby in your arms, then making the pad goes up and down creates the situation in which the baby reminds the natural SWINGING of the moves of waters from the mother’s womb. That move done in parent’s arms can easily sooth a crying baby. Parents who cannot rock their babies while walking- can use the pad. I’m in the middle of testing it with Franek and we are content! According to other users, it works perfectly also during episodes of baby colics- Franek isn’t colicky so I can’t tell you whether it’s true. But the fact is that Franek soothes easily after jumping on a pad.