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mar 23, 2020

"Fulfilling the need of intimacy and providing touch in our relation with the newborn are one of the dealbreakers"

First few weeks after birth of our Baby are unique... at least this is how they seem in our imagination. The newborn only sleeps and wakes up from time to time in order to eat, and then blissfully falls asleep. The spell is broken and the illusion gives away when the newborn against every expectations DOES NOT sleep ONLY with breaks to eat. It occurs with a great surprise that our little baby likes to frolic in a strongly direct way.

Baby colic is a nightmare which every new mother and father fears. For some of them this nightmare becomes reality. Remember that any colicky symptom should by examined by a doctor. After excluding other severe causes of the symptoms, we may start to take action in order to sooth the crying of our baby. First and foremost, it’s worth to take care about the proper vibe and aura at home. Yes, of course. You just need to be patient enough and all of your troubles will disappear. Ohhh so easy to say...so hard to do and achieve.

And this is why it’s so crutial and useful to be prepared for this demanding challenge!!! Fulfilling the need of intimacy and providing touch in our relation with the newborn are one of the dealbreakers when it comes to soothing the colicky symptoms. Think about the kangaroo that carries her little baby by herself. Such a beautiful realtion...such an emotional and moving scene. The point is we have nothing to lose! Why can’t we draw inspiration from our friends from Australia? The proper relation between mother and a child is a foundation of success. And here comes Kangu! The name speaks for itself. Multipotential!. It is adored also between by older children. Check by yourself.

Dr. Aleksandra Gładyś – Jakubczyk
neonatologist, Certified Lactation Counselor